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A New Chapter…

I started this blog five years ago to record our journey towards an off-grid lifestyle… It’s taken various detours along the way but hopefully provided an interesting read to our handful of followers… So although I haven’t written anything for a while, this year has seen us takeContinue reading “A New Chapter…”


Spring is my favourite time of year. It brings with it an awakening and unfurling from the darkness of winter… as new shoots of life start to break the surface… both in the mind and in the world around us…

Changing Seasons

Is it just me or do we all have slightly different perspectives as to how/when the seasons change? For instance… we’re currently reaching the end of the “summer holidays” and many of you with children I’m sure will be making the most of the last few days beforeContinue reading “Changing Seasons”

Signs of Summer

As I sit here watching the rain pour down the windows it feels like summer is still a long way away… but outside the natural world is blossoming and vibrant…

Well-Being in Nature

Join me for a walk in the woods and learn how nature can help you find more peace, inner calm and clarity of mind. The physical and mental health benefits of spending time outdoors is well documented. Being close to nature just feels good – we instinctively knowContinue reading “Well-Being in Nature”

Celebrating Spring

Springtime is such a changeable season don’t you think? By the end of February it felt like spring had arrived… only for it to be put on hold with another couple of weeks full of rain, wind and hailstones! The hardy little snowdrops being the only sign ofContinue reading “Celebrating Spring”

Notice Nature Everyday

Since 1st January I’ve been making an effort to notice something about nature everyday… It started on an impulse after I saw a tweet from Kate Macrae that simply said: “Every day, take a moment to notice nature… a simple task proven to improve mental health.” It madeContinue reading “Notice Nature Everyday”

Reiki… as I see it!

A few months back a new client told me that she had been wanting to try reiki for years but didn’t know very much about it.  She asked if there was some information on-line that she could read prior to our appointment.  I didn’t quite know what toContinue reading “Reiki… as I see it!”

The Art of Doing Nothing

There’s been a bit of a theme in this blog over the past few months… about slowing down, lowering the expectations I put on myself and letting go of a ‘need to achieve’… The circumstances that were forced upon us in March induced a much steadier pace ofContinue reading “The Art of Doing Nothing”


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