Here at Positive Earth we’re all about looking after the planet, ourselves and each other!

  • We make bespoke, handcrafted furniture from salvaged waste materials;
  • Create artwork inspired by nature and living in harmony with the earth;
  • Run creative workshops to share our skills and benefit our community;
  • Offer reiki treatments and meditation classes for self-care and well-being.

We’re Dave and Jac… We started our business in 2012 from a shared desire to reduce waste, reusing materials that others would happily throw away.  Since then we have blended various aspects of our lifestyle into our work, to try and make a positive difference to the world… and hopefully inspiring others along the way! 

We currently live in a caravan in the heart of Yorkshire and like to keep things simple. We live as sustainably as we can, considering our impact on the planet and consuming only what we need to live in balance with nature. We only have one planet and human beings have a responsibility to protect it for generations to come.

Read on to find out more about the things we do at Positive Earth UK.

Bespoke Furniture

We specialise in handmade furniture solutions, individually designed to meet our clients unique needs and made from reclaimed timber such as scaffolding boards, pallets and fence posts. Due to natural defects in the wood even similar items never turn out exactly the same – such is the beauty of salvaged wood! We offer a completely bespoke and made to measure service. Please view our full portfolio at


Well-Being in Nature

Reconnect with the Earth and learn how nature can help you find more peace, inner calm and clarity of mind. Our mindfulness walks take place every Wednesday afternoon around the Huddersfield/Barnsley/Wakefield area or you can book a 1-1 walk at a time that suits you. Find out more here.

Join the Community

Check out our Positive Earth Community over on Facebook and connect with other like minded folk who want to make a positive difference to the world we live in! You’ll find a whole load of ideas, products and services aimed towards looking after the planet, ourselves and each other.

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Recent Ramblings…

Our life in general is pretty unique, we aim to tread lightly on the earth, living as sustainably as we can. This blog was originally set up to record our journey, share our experiences and hopefully inspire others to appreciate and protect the natural world around us. We hope you enjoy it!


Spring is my favourite time of year. It brings with it an awakening and unfurling from the darkness of winter… as new shoots of life start to break the surface… both in the mind and in the world around us…

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Changing Seasons

Is it just me or do we all have slightly different perspectives as to how/when the seasons change? For instance… we’re currently reaching the end of the “summer holidays” and many of you with children I’m sure will be making the most of the last few days before school routines…

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Signs of Summer

As I sit here watching the rain pour down the windows it feels like summer is still a long way away… but outside the natural world is blossoming and vibrant…

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Please browse our website for further details of the work we do and the services we offer… and if you have any questions or would just like to get in touch please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Dave and Jac.x