“To appear or become known… to begin to exist… to become visible”

Spring is my favourite time of year. It brings with it an awakening and unfurling from the darkness of winter… as new shoots of life start to break the surface… both in the mind and in the world around us…

Early flowers bursting with new buds, bringing colour and vibrancy to all that was grey before; bees and butterflies coming out of hibernation in search of food as a gentle hum fills the air; waking to the sound of bird song as the days grow a little longer and the sun begins to warm the earth.

This surge of activity in nature brings a wave of excitement and hope. A renewed sense of energy… a drive to make plans or start new projects.

Do you feel it too?

Regardless of what else might be happening in the world, if you turn off the news for a moment… put down your devices and take a walk outside… maybe you can find a quiet space to sit … and just listen…

What do you hear?

This simple act of turning inwards… listening to your inner guidance and reconnecting with the earth is the foundation of what it is to be human… to be a small but integral part of a universe far bigger than us.

For the most part we have forgotten ourselves… caught up in a mad world that no longer makes any sense… but have faith a new world is coming…

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.

On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.”

Arundhati Roy

As I emerge from my own personal hibernation, perhaps it’s time I too became a little more visible… our work at Positive Earth has always had an undercurrent of ‘hoping to inspire change’ and I’m now taking that to a whole new level with Positive Earth Wellbeing – a page dedicated to improving mental health through creativity, mindfulness and a connection to nature.

But like the spring buds I’m uncurling slowly and practicing what I preach!

I have so much I want to share… knowledge gained over a lifetime of self-discovery and dealing with my own mental or emotional challenges… but I also know that slow and steady is key to avoiding burnout… and I must fill my own cup before I can support others.

So stay tuned if you’d like to find out more – either here on the blog or by following the new page. In the meantime, here’s a little taster of what’s to come:

  • Mindfulness workshops and online courses
  • Guided meditations you can download
  • Tips and inspiration for seasonal living
  • Local walks and wellbeing in nature
  • Jac’s nature diary” including things to look out for each month
  • Subscription packages for ongoing support

Thanks for reading… and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Until next time…


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