How fast do the weeks pass by!!  It’s two weeks since we came back from our family holiday in Wales – two weeks really?!!

I had intended on writing something as soon as we got back… to share with you a few highlights of the trip and this beautiful little corner of the UK which we have returned to regularly since discovering it five years ago… but I think I’ve had a touch of the post-holiday blues!!  Does anyone else get that?

I was talking to a really inspiring gentleman last year about his holiday (also in Wales) and he told me that despite enjoying everything about his holiday, genuinely loving every minute of it, he also looked forward to coming home again…. because he loved his work so much and was equally glad to come back to it.  He was a retired painter and decorator, still climbing ladders well into his seventies, and I’ve been giving some thought just lately to the many conversations I feel lucky to have had with him.

In working for ourselves we have the opportunity to create the life we want… to do something we truly enjoy, to work the hours that suit our circumstances and to make our own choices.  There’s no manager dictating what we have to do each day or a ‘big boss’ setting unachievable targets…. we have complete control over our working environment. With that in mind I totally understand why my friend felt happy to return to work doing something he got great enjoyment from….

So why have I struggled so much these past couple of weeks to get back into our working routine?  After all, I too can choose what work I want to do each day and when I want to do it… but to be honest I’ve not really felt like doing anything! And everything I have done has felt like a bit of a chore – surely that’s not right?!!  We’re supposed to be living the dream!

Hence the post-holiday blues… and self-doubt! …and wondering if ‘working for myself’ is truly the right thing to do …would we be better off if I got a regular full-time job again? …etc etc!!

Turns out I’m not alone! Even ethical business coach Jen Gale has been ‘losing her mojo’ as the school holidays kick in and she released a lovely little podcast about how to keep going no matter what.  The main point that resonates for me is to remember why we’re doing this in the first place.

I don’t want to return to the grind of working 9 to 5 and neither does Dave, I don’t want to go back to living in bricks and mortar and the end goal is still as powerful as ever even if it seems slightly out of reach right now. So there’s only one thing to do and that’s ‘keep going no matter what’… one baby step at a time!

So I’ve written this post… maybe tomorrow I’ll do some drawing… and then some burning! And so it goes that the cogs start falling back into place and everything will work out OK in the end!

…And I’ll tell you all about our holiday very soon !


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