“I beg to dream and differ”

It’s almost a year since we moved into our caravan and fast approaching three years since we gave up regular ‘9 to 5’ employment, to focus on our business and to start changing our way of life.

Both of these were huge scary steps – perhaps even blind leaps of craziness, as we didn’t have much of a back-up plan if things went wrong – but we did it anyway as deep down we knew it was a step closer to the ultimate goal…. our vision…. our dream!

But before I can share that vision, we need to go back even further…

Summer 2013 we were in a pretty bad place.  We had started trading as The Unique Gift Co the previous Autumn but were still finding our feet,  juggling the business around other employment and trying different things out to see what worked – or more appropriately what didn’t!  I was working full-time (and beyond) in a stressful job that, in my heart, I didn’t really like but thought was necessary to keep the money coming in and the bills paid.  I had recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and was still getting my head around what that meant.  My son was having difficulties at school and going through a CAMHS referral – which seemed to have been dragging on for years already!

…And on top of all that we had trouble with the neighbours!!

Now I don’t just mean your average dispute over parking or rubbish bins! I’m talking about damage to our property – which miraculous stopped when we had CCTV fitted – threatening letters and false complaints to the council for, among other things, hoovering at 1am… really?!!  Our ‘home’ which should have been a safe little place to shut out the rest of the world, felt more like a prison. Dave and I both love being outdoors but could no longer enjoy our garden for the looming presence – and noise! – from next door.  We felt trapped.

In a moment of despair I remember Dave said “I’d rather live in a caravan in your mum’s garden” …and I thought “that’s not such a bad idea!

It’s been a slow journey but from that day on every decision we’ve made, no matter how big and scary, has brought us a step closer to our dream of a simple and self-sufficient lifestyle.  We got the caravan of course but “mum’s garden” isn’t a long-term solution and not as self-sustaining as we would like it to be!

So what’s next on the horizon?  What IS the ultimate goal?!!

Well for us that means being able to live and work on our own piece of land… hidden away from the hustle and bustle of modern society… where we can live in harmony with good old Mother Nature… but most importantly where we can begin to grow a like-minded community – because it’s not all about us, we want to give something back too!

Our little slice of ‘paradise’ is not only a place to live and work, it’s a place for workshops and events which encourage others to value and protect the earth’s resources; a place where adults and children alike can learn about nature and the benefit of spending time outdoors; a place for healing the mind, body and spirit!

It’s a big dream but I think we’re daft enough to actually make it one day!

… and even if we don’t, the journey will be one hell of a ride!


PS – bonus points for identifying the title quote!!



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