An Introduction to Mindfulness

Join me online for a FREE introduction to the benefits of practicing mindfulness and learn how you can weave more calm into your everyday life.

Do you struggle with overwhelming or intrusive thoughts? Does life sometimes feel a bit frantic… like you’re spinning so many plates one of them is surely going to fall?

Would you like to feel less stressed, more content and better able to cope with the challenges that life can throw at you? Maybe you realise that you need to start practicing better self-care but don’t know where to start.

If you would like to find out how simple it can be to start a daily mindfulness practice this workshop is for you.

Meet Your Host…

Hey! I’m Jac!!

I’m a holistic therapist specialising in energy healing and mindfulness. My aim is to encourage more people to take care of their minds on a regular basis through creativity, self-care and a connection to nature.

I have spent twenty years developing my own ‘tool-kit’ for better mental health and can now share my tips and techniques to help others.

I believe looking after our mental health should be as common place as eating wisely or going to the gym. Instead we take our minds for granted, we pay little notice to the negative thoughts, doubts and fears that take root. We let the mind-monkeys control how we show up in the world… we cause our own problems through the stories we tell ourselves… and most of the time we’re not even aware all this is going on!

But it’s never too late… the human brain has an amazing capacity to reprogram itself. We just need to show it the way through regular practice.

In this one hour workshop we will cover:

  • What mindfulness is and more importantly what it isn’t.
  • The physical and mental benefits of a regular mindfulness practice.
  • How to incorporate that practice into a busy life.
  • A selection of short exercises that can be practiced at home.

I run this free workshop every couple of months via zoom. Please leave your name and email address below to receive an invite to the next session. Don’t worry if you are unable to attend live it will be recorded so you can catch up in your own time.

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