I haven’t really been in the mood for writing lately…

I don’t know why, just other priorities I think! My blog has become one of those things that never quite makes it to the top of my ‘to-do list…

So I was sat here reading… chilling a bit after a day of heavy mental activity… Dave’s making tea and Leigh (the son!) is at his dad’s… and I thought ‘I could just write something now’!! Doesn’t matter what – or if it’s any good – just something to break the cycle of not writing!!

Last month I became self-employed…

I previously had a part-time job which gave us a little bit of financial security, but after a change of ownership it just wasn’t the same. Little niggles began to creep in… growing into complaints… I felt myself becoming bitter and resentful as this negative energy invaded other parts of my life – our business, my family time, my inner thoughts…

I decided to take a leap of faith…

The past six weeks have been pretty scary I don’t mind admitting it. Work has been quiet as the country either melts in the heat of this unusually hot summer, or becomes absorbed by the possibility of England winning the World Cup!

But meanwhile I’ve been labouring away at rebranding our business… learning new skills that I hope will prove beneficial… looking for opportunities to reach new customers… doing anything we can to bring in a bit of cash…

Not that it seems to be working right now!

I read this week that a bamboo seed takes five years of nurturing under the ground before it shoots through… but once it does it can grow 90ft in five weeks!

Here’s to growing a bamboo tree!

Until the next time…


2 thoughts on “Bamboo

  1. Great reading about your story & nice meeting you and Dave at the NGG recently, really like your stuff, wish you success.


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